High School/College Wrestling

High School Program Philosophy

Committed to raising the bar for wrestling in our region. Our academy focuses on all facets of amateur wrestling – improving technique, learning proper strength and conditioning skills, understanding nutrition, developing grit, and embracing discipline.

Member – Every member of the club gets access to special guest clinicians, competitions, and all practice times.

Apex Grizz– Members of the club invited by the coaching staff to attend high intensity practices once a week and compete at select tournaments.  Invitations will be given out based on commitment, willingness to compete and work ethic.

Semi-Private Lessons (Groups of 2-4) – Call to inquire about pricing.

Grit Grizzlies Style Wrestling

  1. Do not fear failure. The goal is always to bring the best out of yourself. Fearlessness is understanding that the possibility of not winning is no reason to play it safe or not to try. By not being caught up in the outcome you are better able to take chances, and never be intimidated.
  2. Be Aggressive. Wrestle with grit and guts. It is better to go down swinging than to eke out a win without wrestling to your full potential. Wrestle to dominate your opponent by constantly being on the attack.
  3. Enjoy the Process. Have fun with the sport. Work as hard as you can, the reward is far greater than the cost of discipline. The wrestling club needs to be a place where you feel good and are comfortable being yourself. We are a home away from home.
  4. Stay Grateful. Always be grateful for your opportunities. No matter how bad you think your situation is, there is always someone who would love to be in your shoes.